We use tools that can do more faster at far less.

“The good news: to build your dinky little web app, you can now use the same powerful tools that Facebook does.

The bad news: before you can build your dinky little web app, you first have to understand conceptually how you would construct Facebook's entire UI from scratch.”

Meng Weng Wong

Your startup’s life depends on getting things out the door and into customers hands. We need to make as many people happy as fast as possible.

That’s why we use Rails along with Stimulus and Turbolinks! It’s a toolkit for startups who want to compete with fidelity and reach with larger companies who are using more laborious mainstream approaches.

Experienced team working remotely

Does this mean we are not open to using new tools?

Absolutely not! It means that our top priority is getting your product out there. Let’s use those tools when we need them.