Case Study 2

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Redesigning their Legacy Web Design

If you're looking to find a website where you ca learn different languages quickly with different language courses then, you can just get it from Linguashop.

Linguashop has over 18 different languages to choose from.


Linguashop has been in the business since 2003 and they've want to revamp their legacy website into a fresher and more user-friendly that has been a common approach to many language course websites in the recet years.

Project Goal

The goal of the project is to redesign their legacy website. Below is how Linguashop looks like before we help them redesign their whole website.

If you’re a person looking to find a website to learn new languages, then, it might be more enticing for some to find to see how engaging and interactive it would be. Learning after all is very effective when you know you're having fun. So we made use of brighter colors and more rounded corners for the buttons to add up some fun around the layout.

New logo

We also decided to help them out with reworking on a new logo. They provided us with an icon so what we did is just decide on the new font for the LinguaShop text that goes well together with the icon.


Working with Bootyard Team felt like we were on the same wavelength.

We ended up choosing a mix of the 3 original designs. We copy pasted the mix into a PDF document and send an update design concept back to them.

We expected to hear back to each suggestion with a result that was “ok” or “good enough” but what we actually got back was “WOW”. That was a nice feeling with each iteration.

- Lorena, LinguaShop