Trustworthiness is the foundation of our culture.

Partnerships built on trust is mutually beneficial. If you like to work that way, you are going to love us.

We are Trustworthy

“Figure out what people are going to want from your business 10 years from now and double down on those.”

Jeff Bezos
Bootyard Values - Trustworthiness

What would people want to buy from us after ten years? Would it still be Rails still be relevant? UX design? Node.js? React?

We have thought about this long and hard, and we found the answer from our existing clients. We asked them, what made us stood out? We are trustworthy.

Their experience with working with other firms overseas was hard. Communication was hard, and deadlines were not met.

Our constant effort to communicate and be honest all the time gives one less thing to worry about your startup.

Bootyard Values - Good to Great

We strive to be Great

“Good is the enemy of the Great.”

Jim Collins

Everything starts with disciplined people. We only hire self-disciplined people. They don’t have “tasks” to work on; instead, they have responsibilities.

There is a big difference to have someone “work on your website,” and “have someone responsible for making your website work.”

We are not afraid to confront brutal facts. If you are trying to build next AI platform for revolutionizing health care, we will tell you upfront that we are not the team for you.

In the same sense, we will be upfront in telling you that your vision for your MVP is not realistic.

We try to improve in everything we do. We look at the areas that we are weak at, and we make improvements on those. We then share it with the world on our vlog.

We are Survivors

“Do you think I'd crumble

Do you think I'd lay down and die

Oh no, not I, I will survive."

Gloria Gaynor
Bootyard Values - Resiliency

On November 7, 2013, the strongest typhoon recorded in history made a landfall in the Philippines. Ormoc City was one of the cities ravaged by the hurricane.

We are from Ormoc City. We have survived winds speed of 195 mph. We have endured months of no electricity and water.

Resiliency is in our DNA.

This same value translates into our work. No matter how difficult the problem your startup encounters, we will survive!

Experienced Ruby on Rails developers

We are Experienced

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Albert Einstein

We have experienced the feeling of having to demo your app in front of thousands of people in the conference.

We experienced the feeling of getting your first user and earning from your first customer.

Our founders have experienced building and launching their product startup.

Let our experience help you build your startup and get you your first paying customer.