April 15, 2012

What's up Bootyard?

Admin / April 15, 2012

It’s been a while since this blog has moved. Maybe because we were busy, or we just completely forgot that this exists. :) So let me enumerate what has happened since. 

New Office

We moved to a private office! Yup, we don’t work on a co-working space anymore. As much as we like our officemates before, it’s certainly great to have your own working space. 

New Product 

After launching Foodtoki, we joined the first Startup Weekend Cebu, which was sort of our team building activity. Fortunately, we won 3rd place. And outcome of that event is Codetoki, the product that we will be focusing from now on.

New Interns 

We added 3 more interns: 2 programmers and 1 generalist. Let me introduce our new teammates: 


Arnelle was the first to join us, early in February. Arnelle’s full stack developer who was working on Cebuallready.com before he joined Bootyard. 


Donna is our generalist. From print design, market research, data research and creating business plans; you name it, she can do it. 


“Yeah sure, no problem. I can handle it.” is the first impression we had on Gretchen. And now working, with her, it’s still her aura facing tough problems. 

So they are our new teammates. You’ll hear from them soon since they’ll be contributing to this blog in the next posts.