July 11, 2012

See you when our paths cross again!

Ademar / July 11, 2012

In the past month, a lot of changes has happened to Bootyard. Some were great some not so great but today would stand out from all of them. One of Bootyard’s original team member, Gerda Decio, is officially leaving Bootyard to go back to Samar and manage their family business.

It’s a very sad day for us, especially for me since I was working with Gerda ever since I got paid for programming. There were tons of great memories that we shared. Let me share a few of them:

From Pre-Bootyard days 

Bootyard in our shared office 

Planning for 2012 (excuse my newly found biceps) 

Transferred to another shared office due to confidential reasons that only the three of us knows ;) 

We were supposed to leave the office early because it was a Friday! Unfortunately, a last minute deploy made us leave the office at 12:00 am of Saturday :) 

First official Bootyard office. 

I was supposed to dig soil for our office plants, but I was still dizzy that morning due to Friday night activities, I forced Gerda to dig them up! >:) 

Professionally fixing Gerda’s mac with a scotch tape. 

Next Day! Unboxing of Gerda’s new mac! 

Summer with interns! 

We’ve shared a lot of good times together and it was a pleasure working with Gerda. I will never forget the techniques and good practices you shared about front-end development. 

I wish you luck on your new endeavors! See you when our paths cross again! :)