The Bootyard Process

The goal of every project is to ensure project delivery on time and on budget.
Our process aims to minimize the risks with realitic projects goals, open communication and collaboration to ensure the success of your project.



Planning starts when you share to us your idea (a web application, a mobile application or website, etc.). Once you have provided us with the initial description on what you plan to build, we will then help you break it down to user stories and workflows. Our team is focused in understanding deeply what you want to build so as the project starts, both of us know the project scope, timeline and the budget involve on the project.


This is an important part where we discuss the details on each functionality without touching first on the codebase. Designing involves producing mockups, workflows and wireframes based from the user story we have created. Together, we will produce a well-thought out feature lists that we can then move to production. This serves as your skeleton for your project.


Once the wireframe is ready, our developers will start working on the back-end, coding the requirements that is very similar on the wireframe produced on Step 2. Now, your web / mobile application / website has a meat.


We then start deploying your website or application based from your hosting preference. Depending on your project, we will give you the best advice to keep your server costs low, maintanable and manageable. In that way, we take away your worry on technical issues and you can focus more on your customers and users to grow your business.


Hiring an internal team to manage your product might not be the best thing to do immediately since you are still in the "experimentation phase". Our role is to be your technical partner so you don't have to worry on technical issues and you can focus more on gathering insights and customers to grow your business. Once you are ready to get your internal team, we'll be happy to train and orient your team.