October 04, 2012

Codetoki's First Applicant

Ademar / October 04, 2012

So Hack2Hatch is finally happening tomorrow. You can see all the media buzz, the hashtags and the facebook shares flying on the internet. It is certainly a big event, all the successful Filipino technopreneurs are coming back to help mentor local aspiring technopreneurs.

From all the chaos of working on our client projects and requirements we had to pass for Hack2Hatch, we silently deployed the new version of codetoki.com yesterday. 

So what does this new version do? Let me summarize what it does exactly: 

  1. Companies List their requirements (technical/programming skills) represented by badges.
  2. Applicants who wants to apply to specific job hast to collect those badges that the company requires by taking on challenges (sets of programming problems presented with gamification principles).

So what happened after we deployed?

We posted a (Ruby Programmer) job for Bootyard . And after that, nothing actually happened :) We purposely didn’t share or tell any of our friends to use it. Cause we had experiments in mind (a.k.a. Lean Startup’s testing assumptions).

Our experiments was this: 

  1. Would an applicant/entry level developer actually take the time to work on those 15 sets of problems?
  2. Was our workflow (UI/UX) intuitive without any further instructions?

Today those assumptions where all tested. 

We got our first application! :) Surprisingly it wasn’t from an entry level developer, it was from an experienced Java developer who wanted to learn and change career as Ruby Developer. Which somehow makes him an entry level developer for the Ruby Language.

So was he hirable for us? 

For one thing, he was really, really interested that he finished the Ruby Mining Challenge. Compared to the resumes we received before, we would certainly choose him!

Attached is his cover letter: